G3 Winter Trail Series

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Looking for a winter challenge but don’t want to go too far from London? The G3 Series in Guildford might be just the ticket! This past winter I ran all three of the 10km races in the series. I placed 2nd, 1st, and 1st, earning some pretty sweet credit to spend at Fitstuff along the way. Thanks for the new shoes! The series is organized by AAT Events, a company based in Guildford, who says “we organize fun events for fun people”.

The Runaway - New Balance's Classic London Pub

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London has one of everything, but this one was a real surprise. New Balance has opened a pop up pub in central London and launched a promotion which rewards miles run with pints of beer. The pub itself is excellent. For starters it’s a classic (and tiny!) London pub. It’s rumored to have been a real live pub at some point in the past which found a new life hosting special events.

How to Enter The Tokyo Marathon

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This is the first in a series of posts that will explain how to gain entry to the coveted World Major Marathon races. We begin with Tokyo… the only Asian major. Race & Entry Timeframe The Tokyo Marathon typically takes place on the last Sunday of February. This means you need to begin looking out for entry details beginning July 1st of the prior year. This strung-out timeframe is a recurring theme with the world majors.

A New Challenge

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The world majors are the most recent installment in a series of adventures that began long ago. To understand how we ended up at the majors, we’ll have to first go on a little jaunt down memory lane. Baby I was one in the handful of kids that looked forward to the yearly running of the mile in elementary school. For those too young to remember, or perhaps the non-Americans among you, the mile was a component of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award program from the 60s through the 00s.

Coming Soon

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Watch this space for posts about running adventures around the world. Most of the early posts will be about this past year, during which I completed all six of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York. I’ll cover: Equipment choices. Training and recovery strategies. Air travel and hotel tips. The best ways to simply get an entry to these popular races. And of course I’ll also be going over the courses and race day logistics!